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Arrow BMW M reveals lightweight M3 concept -- Nurburgring M Festival Bound

BMW M reveals lightweight M3 concept -- Nurburgring M Festival Bound
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Ok more LIVE coverage from the BMW M event in Germany! Moving on from the M3 Pick-up, BMW has now shown off a new M3 concept car based on the E90 M3 Sedan. This particular concept is destined for the recently announced Nurburgring M Festival later in the year.

The main idea behind this concept is lightweight. Think BMW M3 CSL reborn. The sedan is stripped out, but unforunatly BMW has not put out any details on what the car's weight is or other specifics. They did say that the concept is intended to slot in between the standard M3 and the focused M3 GTS, will have a limited production run, and include several surprises. I guess we will just have to wait for the M Festival in June, where BMW intends to fully reveal this car.

No, this is NOT an April's Fools.

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The new beast. BMW M5.
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