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It's over. I got over it and I don't care. The previous entries you guys were bagging on me and I got kinda pissed since I got the ticket too. All you shit talkers aren't from where I am. It's funny how alot of people just talk shit through here when they're not even near where I am. Especially you LEDZED you like being an ass hole? well congratz to you man you should be a cop too. If you think I am spoiled well everyone has their own opinions right? Maybe you don't know what california is just swing by and take a look how it is OK? Most people of my age in my city drives Z,A4,330,325 all those expensive cars, and im not trying to compare with them. My first car was an 00 Civic Si and with that car had no problems, I started getting all my tickets with my BMW so don't judge if you don't know shit.