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Pinholes and other voids are normal FLAWS in various composite manufacturing processes, which I beleive Vortesner's is vartm. Let me restate, pinholes represent certain goodies that coudl not escape quickly enough and are thus weaknesses in the part and dont look nice on a class A surface.

They are "normal' if that is what one typically only EVER sees on parts. From the MFG's perspective, it may be an acceptable flaw but it is stilla flaw and just represents weakness, even if it is weakness between or within a few fibers in a 2 or 3 k strand....but- what if there are more serious voids in between plies...? makes you think what else is going on that the you cant see.

If Vorsteiner spent more time making the part "flawless" then they will be doing about the same techniques only changing a very small amount of what it is they are doing but that change in technique should not result in justifying passing the cost in $$ to the customer when this change should be done on their own nickel. It's part of the MFG process! They know what they're doing btw. they dont have to change either because the parts are passing throught their QC and QA and people still buy their parts.

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I get you. But in reality what the buyer of one of this kits could really be upset about is that it costs alot of money to install and sure part of it is to clean it up and make it look flawless. Would/could it cost them a little less with their installer if vorsteiner spent alot more time to make the raw product flawless? Sure. But then Vorsteiner would probably sell it for even more because they have even more invested into the production of the kit.

Again this is not a kit that is sold to the retail market. It is only sold and shipped to trusted partners to eliminate the issue you mentioned above(fake/counterfeit) It is then that shops duty to properly prep, paint and install the kit. The liability at that point is on the shop. In my opinion they improperly installed the sidemarker. They leaked photos of raw parts and potentially tarnished the reputation of their partner. In my opinion this thread should be aimed at the install shop for not doing a quality job and for not being responsible to their business partner.

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