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Originally Posted by brizzom View Post
Why is it bs though? Maybe for you the quality seems up to par with other body kits, but there are also a lot of members that are pretty surprised of the quality. I definitely will think twice before buying something from vorsteiner, or at least check it out in person before buying something.

You have been pretty helpful in this thread actually. I just think its ridiculous that vendors are popping in here and making wild accusations about this member. So what if he only has 5 posts? Are they claiming that its a fake vs kit?

Here's another question for everyone who is defending VS. Would YOU be happy with that 24,000 kit if you paid for it expecting the highest quality?
I get you. But in reality what the buyer of one of this kits could really be upset about is that it costs alot of money to install and sure part of it is to clean it up and make it look flawless. Would/could it cost them a little less with their installer if vorsteiner spent alot more time to make the raw product flawless? Sure. But then Vorsteiner would probably sell it for even more because they have even more invested into the production of the kit.

Again this is not a kit that is sold to the retail market. It is only sold and shipped to trusted partners to eliminate the issue you mentioned above(fake/counterfeit) It is then that shops duty to properly prep, paint and install the kit. The liability at that point is on the shop. In my opinion they improperly installed the sidemarker. They leaked photos of raw parts and potentially tarnished the reputation of their partner. In my opinion this thread should be aimed at the install shop for not doing a quality job and for not being responsible to their business partner.

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