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Originally Posted by Eugene-TAIWAN View Post
I think most CF parts will have FRP content in it.

but what I have read about the fitment is non-sense.

I have used many big name brands of bodykits and its true they don't fit will and most of them are big name brands too which totally doesn't make sense to me.
especially on on big pieces like bumpers and hoods.

but I recently purchased a $hit load of Arkym stuff.. I was so suprised how good the fitment was on my front bumper I was shocked actually. there was 0 adjustment made to fit the bumper on the my car.

I feel that is the true way how a kit should be made.
My 2 cents. Arkym fits great but very poor quality. Both rear diffusers that i've installed for customers delaminated into almost 2 separate halves during shipping. I had to repair them and reinforce them with fiber and resin and pull off a miracle to make them look good.