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Originally Posted by T.J. View Post
COMPLETELY agree on the interior quality, I'm surprised they used Nissan interior and didn't go for Infiniti quality at least? It's kind of the same reason that Corvette's are a turnoff for me, the interior quality is basically that of a Chevy Malibu.
I would say that the interior of my GT-R is pretty close to the Infiniti cars I've been in and definitely a step above the Corvettes I've seen. I think the interior of the Nissan just looks a bit boring because of all the black plastic. The actual controls have a good feel to them save for the audio and climate control knobs on the '09 through '11 GT-Rs. Also, the leather stitching on parts of the dash add a nice though.

The interior in the 2012 has some nice upgrades that might make you like it better. Nissan added real carbon fiber to the center stack and replaced the metallic sliver trim with a darker metallic trim. Also, the knobs have been upgraded and definitely look better even though I still think they feel a little cheap. It definitely looks better than my first GT-R and I like it better than the '09 Carrera S I had. My Carrera didn't have full leather which would have made it a nicer place to be. Maybe I just have a thing for Japanese interior styling as my favorite interior out of all the cars I've owned is still the IS-F.