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I would not worry about your protein intake being to high, aim for 1 - 2g / lb body weight, probably closer to 2 if you are doing a low carb. get the rest of your calories from fat and keep carbs under 100g. Is the reason you are doing a low-carb because it fits your lifestyle? Or because you've heard it works best?
The most general number to watch out for when losing weight is calories. at 200 pounds you burn approx 2600+/- (from the top of my head, there are a lot of calculators out there) calories per day, just doing nothing. Another number to remember is 3500 calories in 1lb of fat. So if you eat 500 less calories, or burn 500 more calories (from working out) per day you will lose 1lb per week. At your rate you eat 800 less than your BMR, and probably burn 200 or so from your workout routine 3xs a week. You are close to losing 2lbs a week which is the most you should healthily lose in a week. Be careful not to starve yourself to much, either you will binge out on food on the weekends or whatever, or go off the deep end after your diet and gain it all back. From your first post though it seems like you can keep weight off easily.

As for your workout these are good exercises for home, but is it in the cards to get a membership to like a 24-hour fitness? To get the best results you should start a beginner program consisting of the 3 basic lifts: Squats, bench, and deadlift. Not squats with dumbells, but squats with more weight where you can only do 8 reps or so. To really get into a good lifting program you will need a gym. However, If going to a gym doesn't fit in your schedule, keep up your current workouts but add in push ups, and pull ups if you can find a bar of some sort to do them. Maybe add a 20 - 30 minute run a couple days a week too, cardio is great for the heart!