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Originally Posted by Saintor View Post
Oh don't worry there are a lot more than mice.

The closest animal to man tested long term is the Monkey Rhesus.

Government is funding a large study regarding caloric restriction.


No hard proof, but very good news. As CR studies go, they are all pointing in the same direction.

Uhhhhhh maybe the Rhesus monkey is close to some guys but not

True definitive studies in humans will not be possible. The ethical hurdles alone would prevent a well-defined study from being done.
Certainly anecdotal evidence suggests that decreasing caloric intake does seem to prolong lifespan, but what is the quality of that life-span? And you really have to look at the design of the study: what is their hypothesis? Did they "adjust" the data to fit a conclusion? And you cannot simply apply one conclusion from one species and apply it broadly to all others.
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