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Fuck OT.
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Originally Posted by sorinel999 View Post
all of these cars are loud. nothing special.

go drive a F430 scuderia with racing exotics in vegas. the sound that car makes puts all these clips to shame.
Yeah. Unless I'm a millionaire or expect to go do one of those drive-an-exotic-for-a-weekend stints, I'll stick with this. This sounds just as good as a Ferrari, if not damned close.

Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
If it sounds like that with cutouts, I would definitely do it.
The sound is amazing but I think it would be too much if that's your daily driver and you take it for long road trips.

I would do a meisterschaft GT as a daily though.

I honestly think the M5/6 are the best sounding cars out there with an exhaust.
I prefer this sound over any porsche, ferrari, lambo, etc.
Totally agreed. Maybe occasional long trips, though. This is the best sounding engine in recent years crafted by BMW, IMO.
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