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Originally Posted by T.J. View Post
I'd say
1) R8
2) M3
3) Cayman S

All around, the M3 is a better car than the Cayman S, and on the track they're neck and neck. "All around" as in, space, comfort, amenities, etc. R8 I know nothing about, except it looks awesome, is overpriced, and the performance numbers are pretty bad for the cost, but if used they're relatively equal in price then go for it. What about a GT-R? Those are cheaper than an R8 brand new, and the performance numbers are amazing.
GTR was something i thought about but after talking with some friends who own some here they advised me against it.. service costs here are through the roof! and it has to be serviced every 5000km's or they void your warranty

another thing that really turned me off the GTR was the interior quality.. its just.. meh.. imo( maybe because i'm so used to german cars.

Im going R8 shopping on saturday! here are my exterior color options:

1. grey
2. black
3. white

in dubai the above colors come with the red or tan interior( both which i love).

what do you guys think? which would you go for?

I'll post some pics of the candidates come sunday morning

cheers all