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Originally Posted by F1 Fanatikko View Post
Congrats..I bet that was a great experience that probably you'll never forget. The Welt looks like Disneyland for adults. Again congrats e90 FTW.
Thanks! Yea the Welt really is like Disneyland for adults! My wife didn't want to go on this trip but came back happy she did!

Originally Posted by ferrari6891 View Post
lol idk if I have the patience or time to watch 24 minutes of a youtube video, but just from skipping around, I definitely got a better feeling of what ED is like than the pictures show!

Thanks!! and enjoy your M3 in good health. Good job keeping it under 5k RPM sure you can't wait to let her rip hahah
Sorry, I know the video is quite lengthy. Just trying to fill in the void of every other European Delivery video. They all are 2-3 minute clips of them walking down the stairs and taking delivery. There was a WHOLE lot more that went on and figured I'd show that!

Originally Posted by SSKE92 View Post
Any other angles or anything?
There are 6 days worth of photos and one of me humping my E90. I think every angle was covered.

Originally Posted by WULFFZA View Post
My hair stood up for 10seconds when you started her up for the first time. This is the best ED post I have come across. You really put us there in a way photos can't portray. Its renewed my desire for an ED on my next car!

Originally Posted by BaconFan View Post
BKMK5 - Great video. I can't wait to pick up my 5er later this year at the Welt. If you don't mind me asking, could you PM me, or reply with, the make/model of the video camera you used to make this video. It's super crisp and captured the audio very well as compared to my HD flip. I'm looking to upgrade my video camera before my trip to Europe to have a great video for my family to watch when me and my wife return to the states.

A fellow Nikon guy (D700 14-24mm 2.8, 24-70mm 2.8, 70-200mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4 - All going with me to Europe). Now to fix the video camera issue.


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Bacon Fan, Thanks for the compliment! I was waiting out for the Canon Vixia G10 because of its low light capabilities. However, B&H didnt have it by the time I left for my trip and bought a Canon Vixia HF S21 at the very last moment. I am very pleased with the Canon HF S21 as my trip was recorded in 1080p and looks fantastic. I wish I had bought the camera ahead of time so that I could have put the camcorder in Manual mode and started to play with the depth of field but I guess I'll wait for next time!