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Who does everyone use to ship their cars across the states?

I have used Dependable Auto Shippers in the past and was going to use them again until they told me they dont permit items in the cabin of the car while its being transported.

I'm picking up a Porsche around the NYC/CT area but would need to put the factory rear engine lid in the passenger seat along with some interior panels. But all items are car related and not personal effects or housewares (what D.O.T. technically bans).

I know there is Intercity Lines (what Jay Leno uses) or there are TONS of autobrokers with varies aliases like Direct Express Auto Transport.

I just dont want to wait forever for the car to be picked or worse yet it gets loaded onto the truck but sits on the truck forever until the 18wheeler is packed full of cars.

But a big metropolis route like NYC to Los Angeles should be pretty popular right? They said there are 60 trucks scheduled to do that route in the coming weeks (not sure if that is BS).