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Exclamation ha literally i thought i had heard it all kids never cease to amaze me

Originally Posted by Itgb View Post
To me, the body style dictates the best color. For E36, Estoril is #1. For E46, Estoril does not compliment the design in the same way - I would have to go with Interlagos. And for E9X MCB is beautiful.

estoril looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better on e46 m3's compared to the e36. dont get me wrong estoril is the best color on the e36. but it also is the best color on the e46 and the best color bmw has ever made period! literally estoril blue e46 m3 are by far the sexiest m3's in all seriousness there is no comparison. i like e36's and i love estoril blue. but it is by far the best color for the e46 m3. if u have ever seen one you realize that its the the nicest color. it fits the e46 perfect. i have heard the flame surfacing body style crap before BUT only for different colors specifically on the e9x m3. but dear god almighty i have never heard anyone ever say anything bad about estoril on e46 that is literally the opposite of every compliment i have gotten every single day for years literally no joke. the owner of all the braman dealerships in south florida was admiring what a perfect color that is for the e46 and the GM says by far it is the most beautiful m3 he has seen at his dealership ever. this is the case with EVERYONE I HAVE EVER TALKED TO.... idk what to say to that bcuz im so dumbfounded. i agree certain colors look bad on certain bodys but damn dude u have to be blind to not recognize that estoril was like made for the e46. i have not heard anything that crazy in my life. you have no idea if you owned an estoril e46 m3 that was taken care of well you would get insane amounts of compliments on 2 things only.. 1) best color i ever seen!!! 2) best m3 ever made(e46) i love AW and interlagos is ok interlagos is like a 6.75 and estoril is a 10... but you have to be the only person that has eyes that has ever uttered such silly thing. i get compliments and looks everyday just on the color alone and people trying to buy it from me for like 30% over KBB weekly. idk what to tell you i guess your just a lost cause. estoril is the best color on the e46 m3 which is the best m3...obviously this is my opinion but it happens to be the opinion of tens thousands of people who have directly said this about estoril e46 m3's... you are entitled to your opinion but believe me you are the ONLY one who actually believes this. congrats