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Originally Posted by shake&bake View Post
It is amazing that the BMW service guys even think all BMW's have run flat tires. I had this issue on my 08' 550, and the dealership paid for my rim and tire since I drove it to the dealership and it ruined the rim. I want to double check, but I think the window sticker specifies run flats as well on the M3. Unfortunately, I hit a pot hole last night and to no big surprise, it blew the OEM M. Pilot PS2. I just got off the phone arguing with the service guy that not all BMW have run flat tires. Seems they have some responsibility here. I was in the market for a new set of wheels and tires anyways, but this sucks. If it is posted on the window sticker and the sales guys sell it, I believe BMW has some liability. Any one else have any experience with this?
I looked at the window sticker for my 2010 E90 M3. I couldn't find anywhere that it talked about the tires. It's common that people on this forum insist that their M3's have run flats which they know because their salesman or service adviser told them so. I think you'll have a hard time getting your dealer or BMW to replace your tire (or wheel if required) as you'll likely find that all the written BMW documentation will not identify the M3 as having run flats. Now, if you called your dealer or BMW when you had your flat and someone that you can identify (or at least document the conversation) told you to drive it on in to the dealer, then you can probably get whoever screwed up to cover it.