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Great post, Nathan.

I'll second your statement. I have toured Hamann's facility and seen their parts, and let me assure you, Vorsteiner is top quality by comparison. Pinholes and textured primer are standard, as it's assumed that the kit will be prepped and painted by a reputable company - such as C&C Collision.

As for the fiberglass, how is this false advertising? The hood purchased is clearly single sided carbon fiber, which means that the bottom half and some inner portions of the hood are DVWP. Do you know what DVWP is? It's high quality fiberglass which is infused with resins and vacuum woven (hence the VW in the term DVWP). Vorsteiner has no illusions about the fact that they use fiberglass in their products, however, this does not mean that the products are not Dry Vacuum Formed carbon fiber.

If you want a product that is 100% carbon fiber, they can make it for you - but you can't afford it. This is because the material costs skyrocket, the labor is much more intensive, etc etc. This is why they do have the VTS (Vorsteiner Track Series) which is full carbon fiber - you can expect to pay $5,000+ for a hood.

Anyways, if anyone reads this thread and has any doubts about Vorsteiner's authenticity or their manufacturing processes, I would direct you to my full Factory Tour of Vorsteiner where I show how they make the parts. Yes, in between the top and bottom of a hood, there is DVWP. Yes, if you order a Single Sided hood, the bottom half is going to be DVWP.

5 posts, a car Vorsteiner doesn't know about (must be an international customer), broken english, and no record of correspondence to Vorsteiner (wouldn't you contact them first to ask for help installing?).... I smell something fishy. Perhaps someone out there saw the factory tour post, saw a decline in sales, and set out to get retribution.


Don't believe the lies.

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