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We haven't been ignoring the thread. I posted a response a week and a half ago via the app on my phone, but it looks like it didn't go through.

We were expecting to have the backing plates available at the end of the first week in April, which is what I thought I had posted earlier this month. That has been pushed back due to what's been happening at the warehouse here. We haven't been able to verify design work and give the OK for production with everything going on. With the warehouse being settled back in next week, we can go ahead and do that, and give the thumbs up for final production. I'll provide more details such as a new ETA date and product details as soon as it becomes available.

We've been extremely busy doing major modifications to the warehouse and office. Some days power was off, other days we were moving everything. Sadly, I've had little time for the forums, and I'm backed up on emails and phone calls. I've been working 12-16 hour days for the past 3 weeks and I still don't have the time I'd like for answering forum questions. We had to move everything out to a neighboring location during the renovation, and this week we're moving everything back again, so it's like doing two 5000sqft moves in two weeks. I apologize for that lack of communication. We have a major Group Buy shipment arriving and then shipping out to customers either this Friday or next Monday, and it's important that we give it our full attention. Although we provided a rough estimate of when this would be available, this is still a preview/informative thread, and not a commercial sale thread. We're dedicated to taking care of existing customers, and we can't sacrifice their quality of service to go after new business, until doing so guarantees everyone can be taken care of properly.

I apologize for the lack of response due to the previous post not showing up. We're moving forward as fast as possible with this project. I can focus on it's development much more, once the Group Buy wheels go out. The timing of it just so happened to over lap with the month we are making enormous changes to our business while being simultaneously understaffed.