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Originally Posted by gr8one88 View Post
DOES ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS ODD...... as of now out of the 10 votes for the estoril blue e46 like 80% own e9x m3's?!?!?! but out of the 20 votes for the monte carlo blue e92 only 1 voter has an e46 m3!!!!!!!! hmmmmm i must say this is interesting indeed
this has proven to still be true lol only one of 26 or 29 votes whatever it is for the e92 mcb is an e46 m3 owner. all the votes for e9x mcb are either e9x owners or non m3 owners or non bmw owners. why is this its weird?! and y are like 3/4's of the votes for e46 estoril blue m3 e9x owners...? you would think the majority of m3 owners would want to upgrade but if it was me i wouldnt trade my individual e46 to buy a e9x i would wait to buy both so i can appreciate the differences