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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
i don't know that 2 or 4ohm will make a difference in the sound.
depends on the amp, again.
if it's class d, then it puts out the same power into 4 ohm or 2ohm
so no difference there.
but it will consume double the power at 2ohm, so unneccesary drain on the battery.

i'd say if it's a class AB amp, get 2 ohm
if it's class D get 4ohm
i have a 1ohm stable amp, so i got 2ohm and running them in parallel
That just adds more questions for me...
My concern is with 'sound' i want the best bang for the buck.

- are the oe underseat subs wired direct or parralel?

- what wiring setup will yield the punchiest, deeper bass -- parralel or 2-ch direct?

- is there a class AB amp that compares to the d-class amps' physical lightness, compact structure for my 'underseat sub replacement only' setup?

- would i hear or feel an audible difference if i upgraded the underseat subs between a d-class 4ohm and an AB class amp?

Thanks ahead for your time.