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Originally Posted by WCM3 View Post
Congrats man! I'm another 335i -> M3 convert. What do you think so far?
Sadly, I havent been able to drive it much, I am in bed sick but from what I was able to do giving a friend a ride is it is very nice and drives very well, you can hit 80 and not even know you are driving that fast.

woodnphilosfr Congrats Mark! I was really close to doing the same thing but the ball and chain I have around my testicles stopped it (aka wife) ... Have fun with it you bastard.
haha, you should nag until she lets you!

Hollywood Hogan I too came from a 335i to an M3 (with an IsF in between). I love driving this car! Doesn't seem as fast as the 335i w/jb3 or the F but this high revving more sure is sweet! Congrats man!
I miss the 335i sometimes, but I am very happy with how the m3 is, its been a dream car (Ive always wanted a m car) and I am so happy to finally have one, I have to check my garage ever so often to make sure I am not dreaming ha.

Nate@IND Congrats!
[IMG]zhangzeyuandss congratz bro.. finally find your new car.[/IMG]
ooowowizstev Congrats, nice pick up!
Thanks guys

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