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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Wouldn't this be considered a concealed weapon? Assuming you all have permits for such a thing (which are hard to get, right?). I mean I have no issues getting a weapon since I have a clean background, but the permit to carry/conceal is a bit tricky, no?

Then again I suppose I could just carry it anyway, and if I ever get pulled over and the cop sees it I would fully expect my face to meet the asphalt in a quick fashion...
Yes, they're difficult to obtain (not impossible though!). Laws vary state by state. The best thing to do if you happen to carrying (I'm assuming legally for purposes of this conversation) is to place your hands on the window sill and inform the officer of this fact. This removes the threat and gives him the chance to evaluate the situation appropriately. Best advice I can give anyone is to know the laws in their state - and any other state they happen to be driving through - if carrying a firearm so that you can be in compliance... and prevent roadrash on your face.
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