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You never know when you may need it.

" I was driving in my X6 under the speed limit one day headed to run errands. A Mexican child darts dead in front of me trying to catch her mother who was trying to cross a 6-lane overpass/bridge( dont ask me why). Fortunalty I was paying attention as even a glance at the Nav or the like would have cost me a few milli-seconds. So I slammed on my brakes missing the child. I step out of the vehicle to ensure the child is ok and make sure the mother is tracking on here location. At this point 8-9 mexican's begin to approach my vehicle. I retreat to my vehicle as a few of them begin to rock and pound on the X6. One of them starts pounding on my window and trying to open the drunk. He is drunk off his ass. I avoid conflict at every chance but at this point I can't escape so I'm not going to wait till they get something harder than their fists. I keep a glock .45 acp in the center console and procedd to unlimber it. I roll down the window and nothing says stop what your doing like a big bore .45 with 185 +p ammo in your face. I tell the "gentlemen" to back off and remove his friends from surrounding my car. One guy with more presence of mind than the rest starts frantically getting his friends away and says in English sorry, sorry. I drive away no worse for ware.

So the point is you never know when or where you may have to defend yourself. As the U.S. continues to trade away it's 1st world status to a 3rd world one this will only get worse.