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Originally Posted by Maseroche View Post
Personally, I'd do it without the Blackout.
Originally Posted by Dakar92 View Post
No Blackout!
Originally Posted by ciomas View Post
no blackout. imo headlamps are one of the few parts where the OEM look is very valuable in the overall perception of the car. modifying them is very often that one step too far. Considering your theme and coherence so far I wouldnt touch them.

great looking car. Im with you on the attention to detail, although mine is entirely black. great touch with the full gloss grill. Its super clean so far, dont over do it
Ugh. I'm conflicted. I keep vascillating between both options. Part of me says the blackout will go better with the black and yellow theme, then the other part of me agrees entirely with ciomas's logic - that the headlights are one of the few parts of the car that is almost inseparably identifiable with the car.

I'm ever so slightly leaning toward no blackout.

Originally Posted by Drews M3 View Post
with the gloss black theme you got goin on i would say do it. Think it would go along with the yellow/black theme you got goin on.
Originally Posted by 63NP View Post
chrome inside the headlight.!! my be in 1986.!!!!
your car is just begging for blacked out lights.!! DO IT.!
wished they did them over here i would have them straight away..
Originally Posted by Brosef View Post
for most colors, I'd suggest no blackout. but with your yellow paint and black everywhere, I'd go blackout.
I know. I know. I wish i could see a 50/50 shot of blackout and no blackout on my Dakar Yellow. That would instantly resolve all debate and ambiguity.

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
whichever you choose (cough oss cough ), i say blackout
Haha. Don't worry. I'm going OSS

Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
who is this and why haven't i seen her in your other shoots?

Btw blackout is nice.. but I'd say no black out
I never thought my thread would ever have pictures of girls draped over cars in it. Looks like I was wrong. But please do tell persian54 what model this is.

Originally Posted by biglare View Post
I have also received the spectrum of comments and replies! As long as you are happy that is what is most important!

I love your mods and can't wait to see what else you have in store!

Thanks Larry. I was hoping for a resounding answer in one direction or another, which would help put my amibiguity to rest. Instead, I got answers in every which direction... and that leaves me even more ambiguous. haha.

Originally Posted by 63NP View Post
in my eyes should come with them standard....
if you're talking about OSS like headlights/angel eyes... then yes i agree entirely. if you're talking about blackouts... i can't say.

Originally Posted by Frankie NYC View Post
car is beautiful !
Thanks frankie. More mods on the way. Just been taking a bit of a breather lately

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