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Originally Posted by Aries932 View Post
I am pretty sure I am correct with regards to defending Gintani and to get solid evidence if Gintani is up for it I would like to offer up a challenge.

Gintani is out of Van Nuys from the looks of things and so am I. So if Gintani or anyone with a Gintani Supercharger is up for it there is a HK MotorSports Dyno maybe a mile down the road from you on Oxnard in Van Nuys that we could meet up at and prove that you are actually making these gains.

I will even pay half the cost of the dyno which is $95 for 3 runs. I will then take the dyno information and post it on this thread.

Seems like the best way to solve this whole stupid arguement. What do you think?
What does the supercharger kit have to do with this thread? That will only add another variable to the argument and cloud the issue even more.
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