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I just got a Seagate free agent 1.5TB USB 3.0 drive a week or so back... Don't have a ton of experience with it yet, but seems to be working really well for me so far. There was an instant rebate at Office Depot and I paid something like $130 OTD. I needed it in a hurry which is why I went to a brick and mortar store.. Probably can find it for less online.

I just have it plugged directly into my Netgear router for use as network backup. I was (and still am until I can transfer the data to the new drive) using a 500 GB Apple time-capsule. I've been wanting to phase it out for a while because it has always been buggy, has shitty transfer speeds, and runs as hot as the sun (heats up my media cabinet and crashes my fucking cable box).

Anyway... Seagate FTMFW (until I know better. LOL)