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To Mike & Mike's dyno expert: Can you please show all dynos comparing "tractive effort" (measured, not calculated values) for all. (Tractive effort is what a dyno actually records/measures to the wheels. Other variables can be calclated) This is just nonsesse colating data from different dyno brands that read/interpret data in different ways. Tractive effort is measured to the wheel. Please show that for real transparency.
What you have successfully done is let all consumers know that "all dynos" can be manipulated with a little effort (this does not say much for those who practice in this). Why not dissect DynoJet or Mustang next??? Same issues will always exist.
Please be my guest and ask for all details when using my dyno. I have no problem in displaying that the weather station is connected each time for every customer. With the weather station connected and "turned on", the variables that come into question (from other vendors) cannot be manipulated. THE END.
BTW: Powerchip does not own, ever owned a dyno nor operated one. Other posts exist where Powerchip refute dyno testing, and do not believe dynoing is a real measure of their products performance. Please feel free to search.

I remember a "dyno shootout" which I gladly wanted to participate in. This was cancelled due to other tuners backing out. I am down for this to go ahead on an independant dyno anytime. Any one want to jump in the ring for real?

But the question of this thread is not about Powerchip. It's about your dyno, which again you have not answered. No one in this thread is claiming PC has a good/better product. They are questioning your dyno