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Originally Posted by J08M3 View Post
^--- I agree with some points. However it does show 3 almost the same, and 1 quite a bit different. It could be that OE knows something none of the other tuners know. One way that can be proven to be true would be by the dyno challenge PC has proposed. Until then, you are correct it doesn't prove anything about how well the OE tune is. But it does prove OE's tune is quite a bit different than the other 3, which by the graph are all fairly similar.
Very true. Something is obviously much different, be it bending the truth or an extremely detailed tune; either way, graphs won't prove it. Honestly, it is actually very rare to find normal distribution present in anything; it is really just a statistical "theory", if you will, (much like classic supply and demand in economics having very little to do with actual asset pricing in reality).

If they did what I proposed they could do in my previous post (addressing each RPM on its own throughout the entire powerband), software would probably be very very expensive (which it is not).
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