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Thanks all for the kind words! Its awesome! I can't wait to take redelivery at PCD! I'll take video of that trip as well!

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Amazingly well put together video. I wonder why your car had 15 miles on it and others who did ED picked it up at the Welt with 0 miles on it. And I took "regular" delivery in CT and my car had 5 miles. Strange, wonder why they drove your car "so much"...
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If it is a US spec car, the odo will be in miles. I am pretty damn sure
It had 15Km when I picked it up. The CA set it on Km so that "you would be more familiar with the distances in Navigation and on signs and whats being displayed on the car". Kinda true, it was much easier, "Dachau is 20KM away" it was easier to figure out what a KM was. I had the display read V= in KMs as well so I could match the speed signs as well(that is until I saw it crossed out with 4 slashes ).

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Very nice video. Kudos to the videographer. I only wish my wife would be as patient and excited about the car as yours.

Any wife who zooms in on the speedometer and tapes WOT drive byes is okay in my book.
Thanks! Yea she was a great sport about!