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Also, just to add.

This 'secret menu' is not a secret menu to any of the operators. It's clearly mentioned in the manual and the small card print outs that are placed under the keyboard.

It is there not to allow foul play but to allow user control incase the weather station breaks or if you want to turn it off an not use correction factors.... so set it to 1 and then do testing or whatever they need to. There could be multiple reasons which are not related to foul play.

The above only applies to the windows based software.

On the earlier DOS based systems that secret menu doesn't even exist. Rpi, Rogue engineering have this version.

On the DOS version you can do what the hell you like. A weather station is supplied but it's not linked to anything. It's down to the operator as to what he puts enters the values as and therefore you can have any correction factor you want!!

On the early software the only people that can catch out foul play is dyno dynamics themselves and that if and only if the correction factors are displayed.

If anyone (and I hope all!) is interested I can put up more information.