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The information about changing the correction factors has been out there for a long time. I personally posted it on this forum amongst many others.

No one cared. No one took note. I got a few PM's saying I'm just trying to cause problems and I left it there.

I have been trying to explain all of this to the masses for a long time.

It's quite simple - if a Dyno Dynamics dyno does not show correction factors then just ignore them. The power has been given to the public already and it's there for you to use.

Use shootout mode too because this will introduce other measures of control.

Once again I will say - this whole myth about Dyno Dynamics reading low is complete nonsense. There is no 'low reading' software.
The problem is with incorrect usage and training.

I have spent alot of my own time writing long write ups and they just get ignored. One even got deleted from this very forum. Can someone care to explain to me why that was done?

You see, there are a LARGE amount of tuners out there who own dyno's and who are actually honest. I can name quite a few of my direct competition who are like this.

It is in our interest to protect our line of work and actually stop devaluing horsepower!!!

As far as Gintani/OE go...... I would to believe the HP gains are real but the fact that this company and so many others HIDE the correction factors even after I have called them out on it so many times makes me wonder.

This next comment is not aggressive and non confrontational:

If you guys say your as good as you are then present the information like I do. Totally transparent with every correction factor displayed.

Why is it that specifically in the US every single company hides their correction factors?? When we all know they can be displayed with a click of a button??