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You also don't get the chance to read the person physically, or shall I say "body language" - that's extremely crucial. For instance, there's a girl I know, when I first met her I introduced myself just like I would to anyone else and shook her hand. This was the killer, it really was, because most girls simply touch your hand, they don't really shake it, it gives a sense of being very vague and not specific, but on the other hand this girl gave me a very firm hand shake, not yank my hand off firm, but firm enough for me to lift up my brow in curiosity, lol. That's just one example, another one was a date I went on a year or so ago, and this girl and I went out to eat, haha, half way through the end of the meal she starts rubbing her leg on the inside of mine, euhm... but that's enough for you to read that something is going on in her head, something you'll never get online. It's all about that natraul physical/mental connection you make w/ the other person. Something that nothing else will ever be able to replace.

Hope that all made sense?

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