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Yesterday I received a call from Alex at Gintani and he was clearly upset about this thread (which I wasn't even aware of yet). Alex offered that if I brought my car there, he would put it on the dyno and let me operate it to see if I could skew the numbers upward or downward. Alex told me that his dyno couldn’t be manipulated, but I would be welcome to “run his dyno” and show him how to do it. I accepted the challenge and made contact with a professional very well versed in Dyno Dynamics dynamometers, because I was unfamiliar with that software.

Along the way to Gintani, I picked up a friend of mine to be a witness to all of the events. When we arrived there was naturally some animosity already built up.” After Jeremy was finished yelling insults at me, Alex came out and went to the dyno computer. He was playing around with it and then challenged me to show him how the dyno could be manipulated. Before arriving at Gintani, I had been coached by the Dyno Dynamics expert, but I couldn't remember exactly what he told me. I called him back and received instructions on what to press to access the Dyno weather station and calibration screens, along with instructions on which values to alter to manipulate the dyno results exactly as we've seen posted in this thread.

I pressed "A" and entered the weather station and calibration screen. The instructions given to me said to turn the weather station off, and then press apply. After doing that, I changed the barometric pressure to 28 from 29.39 and hit apply. The correction factor immediately changed, causing the factor to skew upwards of 1. I changed the value again, and once again the correction factor went up. I told them that that was exactly what I was talking about. The second the correction factor went up, fireworks started between Alex, Jeremy, and myself. I clearly entered a screen they didn't want me to change. Alex turned the weather station back on, but the correction factor wasn’t going back. Alex then blamed me for breaking his dyno computer. I told him I still had the expert on the phone, and asked the expert what to do to put it back. The expert told me to press “Apply”, and the second I hit that the barometric pressure went to 29.39 again and the correction factor went to .987. Alex told me that this isn't fair and that he had no idea the dyno could be manipulated in this way.

Next we began talking about retesting the OP's car to verify the Gintani/OE Tuning results. Alex was adamant to prevent this in fear that PowerChip would somehow try to steal Jeremy's ECU files. I informed Alex that for every simple problem there is usually a simple solution. I offered to let Jeremy be the only person to flash and return the car to stock, if that's what it would take show that we were not interested in the software currently programmed into the car.

Finally, I asked Alex to show me the OP's original dyno graphs and raw data. This is when another very sharp argument broke out between us. Alex refused to show me the OP's graphs or to reprint them in "Shootout" mode so they could be independently analyzed and verified. The argument grew so tense, that it became clear that I should leave.

After first challenging me to come to his dyno with my car and prove how manipulation could be done, Alex abruptly withdrew the invitation before the test even began. He refused to allow the test after he saw that I knew exactly how his dyno could be manipulated to achieve the perfect 10% gain found on the OP's results. He called me a liar and told me that on the phone that we had a mutual agreement only to change the “tacho” setting on the dyno. So after first challenging me to prove how his dynos could be manipulated, he backed out of the challenge, refused to allow it after he knew exactly what I was planning to do and knowing that it would exactly duplicate the artificial gain I saw on the OP’s dyno results. I asked Alex again to view the OP's results, and he said he didn’t know how to show the run conditions on the OP’s dyno runs. I told him that I had the expert on the phone that could tell us how to do it, and the argument escalated to the point that I given a clear indication to leave now.

I have no hard feelings toward Jeremy or Alex – Gintani or OE Tuning. My goal here is to keep this situation 100% professional and not in any way personal. The whole point of this is to verify the OP’s results – after all, he is certainly due a refund if they are accurate. I still cannot understand why Alex and Jeremy would not show me the dyno graphs on the computer. Also, the graphs that they retroactively posted do not even show the correction factor. The factors you see listed are live, not the conditions from when the runs were actually made. Also, you can export from dyno dynamics to a picture directly – for accuracy’s sake, I would prefer that over something that was copied and pasted into Paint (you can see lots of photo editing software on the taskbar of the dyno screenshots). It's worth mentioning, that 28 out of 28 dyno charts posted at OE Tuning blog, all of them were exported JPG files. For the purposes of this test only, the graphs presented here used screen captures and photo editing software to present the graphs.

I would like to renew my offer to the OP to allow his car to be independently tested on an independent dyno. In addition to all of the conditions in our previous offer, we would like to add the following to "sweeten the pot" and to ensure that Gintani's concerns of "file stealing" doesn't occur. If the OP does not own an OE Tuning EZ Flash, then we will buy one and he can keep it when the test is finished. He can load it with his current tune, and we will provide the stock factory tune to be used as part of the test. The car owner can operate EZ Flash on his own car to flash the OE Tune and his OEM tune, and we will never need to interact with his OE Tune ECU files. In the end he can keep the EZ Flash at our expense.

We encourage the OP to accept our offer for independent testing and do not understand how Gintani and/or OE Tuning could legitimately exert any pressure or influence on him to deny such a request. We believe the OP has the right to do anything he wants with his car, and if his tests were legitimate and independent in the first place (not sponsored or coerced), then no outside influence at Gintani or OE Tuning should get in the way.

Mike Benvo

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