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3 things...

1st: I'm not affiliated with powerchip, ESS, AA, GIAC, etc. While I'm not free of all bias (if anything, it used to be towards Gintani), I think I'm about as objective as you're likely to find.

2nd: As Evolve mentioned, Jeremy @ Gintani's impressive list of graphs still left out some manipulatable factors. Personally I'd just like to see the correction factors for each run -- graphed if possible (since their own screenshots displayed a certain fondness for photo editing software).

3rd: I apologize for not being as clear as I could have been in my initial post. I see now that many people looked at this graph:

...and thought "Hmm... That is unusual but it doesn't prove anything."

To those people: The probability of this "unusual" distribution occurring naturally is 0.003% (0.00003). In a world with few absolutes, I'll call this proof:

Your normal bell curve:

Where the tuners fall on that curve: