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Originally Posted by E90SLAM View Post
LHR Terminals 1 thru 4 is worse compare to any terminals in JFK, only newly constructed Terminal 5 is quite nice...
Its got nothing to do with the terminal it self. I usually fly in/out of JFK T5, which is according to most one of the top 10 terminals in the world. It doesn't matter if Wolfgang Puck is flipping my steak or I'm able to drink a nice martini. Most of my flights are usually after I haven't slept in days, went on a bender the night before, or some combination of both. Its rare that I'm happy when I'm at the airport. Hell, its rare that I'm fully conscious.

I'm not that at that point in my life where I'm having a weekend getaway with the wifey or any of that shit.

OTOH, I think regardless of the situation, 75% of New Yorkers would lynch these people.