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Originally Posted by ///power View Post
Congrates on what you achieved so far.. Definitely inspiring!
thank you!!! The car has been a great project with many ups and downs, but days like yesterday when I get to drive it for hours on end (to a dragstrip ) make all the work worth it. Car has performed FLAWLESSLY ever since I got my new tune after the cat was deleted.

Originally Posted by jzhang View Post
redonkulas dyno. sinz this is by far one the best bmw build threads out there. i've followed it since day 1 keep it up!
Thank you! Would love for you to be local to take a few shots of it

a few from yesterday at MIR

Originally Posted by Bimmer-Bob View Post

It's nice to see one SO well taken care of, I think they're totally underrated. I think the E36 is the platform that got me into BMW's in the first place.

It's getting harder and harder to find a good example, and unfortunately all too many have been lost to some really terrible modding. There's one local to me with a ridiculous riced-out body kit, covered in airbrushing, and complete with fart-can exhaust sticking out the back. I think I die inside a little every time it drives past, lol.
thank you very much. I agree, so many of these cars that I see are horribly modded and cared for. Its an amazing car to drive especially with the right modifications. Raw, powerful, immediate driver feedback and I love it.

Power is still going up, I have another 3psi to run once my meth injection is dialed in

I love the power delivery, I have full boost by 3000-3100rpm so that gives me right around 4,000 rpms of full boost / full power!! Boost is always a quick tip in away, the torque is intoxicating.