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99% of e9xM3 drivers are not using the cars OE tune potential.

Most of the people that are trying to get gains from "software" on these cars are wanting a supercharger but cannot afford one.

There is very little gains in AFR manipulation on these cars.

There are enough poser clients for both Powerchip and Gintani and ESS and any other tuner with magic dyno graphs.

If you are taking this car to a 1/4 mile strip and call that "the track" might be a poser... and you bought the wrong car.

Software tuning on this car is silly. They re-map the throttle response so you "feel" like your getting more power.

If i spent $12k on a e92m3 in suspension (4-way Sachs Motorsport) and another guy spent $12k on a supercharger on his e92m3 with stock supension and we had a pro driver lap both cars around a "real" race track (road course) on the same day - the suspension car would come in at a better time - what does that tell you??

Dyno's have to contend with too many variables to be accurate.
Thats why manuf dont use them. They use engine dynos.... so do "real race teams"
V-Box is a more accurate way to read a cars "real world" performance... and should be used if your wanting a true AFR tune .... although you need to be at a race track or 1/4 mile strip.

Ive heard good and bad things about ALL vendors - and ive never received services from either Powerchip or Gintani/OE Tuning. But i can tell you this:
- Based on the conduct of some Gintani/OE customers in this andother threads, it turns me off to going to Gintani for 'anything' case one or two of their douchy customer/fanbois might be there.
- Based on how much time and effort Powerchip's "representatives" spend on bashing the others products and services ...turns me off to Powerchip ... = spend more time improving and proving your own products and services ...and dont worry about other companies and what they do ... if your product is superior ...they will come.

Nobody wins here.

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