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I have dealt jerermy and the guys at gintani many times. First of all there customer service is top notch, and that's why so many people respect the company. Also I had a gintani xpipe, pulley and oe tune on my car and couldn't have been happier. I felt the power and the car sounded lovely.

I have also been with Jeremy possibly 10-15 times when he has dyno tuned peoples cars on different dynos here on the east coast. Each and every single time he sat in the drivers seat of the car worked his magic and great numbers were achieved with each car. Also when we held our private track days he would come out and tune everyones cars mercs and bimmers. The e55 guys couldnt be happier with the times they were running. Also a friend of mine had a dead stock 335i and had never tracked it before. He ran 14's I think, but after jeremys tune he ran a 13.01. There was another 335i e90 there with jb4, intake, intercooler, dp's the whole 9 yards and he only got a 12.99 and he'd been to the track a few times. So I know for a fact that power is made with the tune.

People (wont throw any names out there) can be out right out of there minds these days making up videos and stuff trying to destroy a hard working company. I support jerermy and all the dudes over at gintani 100% great products, great customer service and in general just great all around dudes.
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