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I had Jeremys tune in my car last year. I can tell you although i never had it dynoed it was making the power he claimed. Every dyno manafacturer has different drivetrain loss formulas in their machines. Dynometer reads higher than a Mustang Dyno. Some companys dyno with the hood open, some closed, some with big fans to ram effect the intake and keep the car cool. I removed his tune due to dealer warranty work and didnt want any issues of ECU tampering where warranty would be voided on a leased car where in that case they can sue you for the purchase price at end of lease. I met Jeremy several times here in NY and I can say he is a stand up guy. I seen him tuning and trouble shooting numerous peoples cars, some for free. Including 55 and 63 MB that are fully set-up and running in the 10's. If you push any car to far your going to blow it up REGARDLESS. Driver error, over revving, to much boost or constantly beating the shit out of it. I have seen plenty of other BIG TUNERS on here with numerous complaints, yet they dont get bashed like this. This is a forum and I have personally seen all kinds of products bashed. Weather its poor carbon fiber, fading exterior grills, emblems, pulleys with side effects, tunes, you lowered your car now ride sucks....etc...etc. Bottom line is you PAY TO PLAY. You dont like what you did to your car STOP CRYING and MOVE ON. If you dont believe the gains move on, BUT dont think on this forum or any other forum aftermarket tuners dont have occasional issues. Good luck to all parties involved.