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Jessi Slaughter's dad dun goofed

MARCH 25--The father of “Jessi Slaughter,” the 12-year-old girl who last year became the victim of a vicious online swarm, was arrested last month on a felony child abuse charge for allegedly punching his daughter in the mouth during an argument, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Gene Leonhardt, 53, was busted for striking his daughter Jessica, who told Florida cops that she had been arguing with her father when he “punched her, causing her to have a bloody and swollen lips.”

According to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report, a deputy stated that, “I did see that just inside the victim’s mouth on the right side were minor cuts which would be consistent with the victim’s statement. I also saw blood on the victims mouth and chin area.”

When questioned by police, Leonhardt said that he had “slapped” the child after she punched him in the mouth. He also claimed that Jessica, a seventh grade student, “was wearing ‘theatrical blood’ which he stated the victim had put on.” Leonhardt is pictured in the above mug shot taken following his February 17 bust.

Jessica’s controversial YouTube videos last summer initially drew the scorn of ********** denizens, who then triggered a wave of online bullying and retribution. In the midst of that campaign, the girl filmed a teary response in which she said that her anonymous tormentors “have ruined my life.”

That video, seen below, includes a cameo by a yelling Leonhardt, who warns trolls that “you done goofed” and that he had reported them “to the cyberpolice.” He added that, “Consequences will never be the same.” Leonhardt’s unhinged comments have been widely lampooned online, becoming one of several Internet memes launched by the “Jessi Slaughter” incident.
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