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I will describe in order the graphs attached. Please note that the time of each run is displayed to show transparency. Details for the same run appear in the same color.

1. “All PC Baselines - run4,5,6 after a long cool down” - HP vs. AFR. base lines were run with a 20 minute cool down before running 4,5,6. This is to give the best possible baseline (which we used). I am a believer of “best vs. best”.
2. “All PC Baselines - run4,5,6 after a long cool down” - HP vs. Tq
3. “AFR baseline vs. Gintani-OE Tune (hot and cold runs)” - best PC baseline vs. Gintani/OE Tuned runs. Tuned runs warm and cooled down. (a 15 minute cool down in between runs) Note also AFR has changed.
4. “Tractive effort rear roller baseline vs. OE tuned” - Dynos reads “tractive effort” and calculates other variables form these figures. Directly related to Torque output.
5. “Road speed baseline vs. OE tuned” – Road speed is spot on displaying same “ramp up rate”
6. “Acceleration baseline vs. OE tuned” – Measured acceleration
7. “Ambient Pressure baseline vs. OE tuned” - Ambient Pressure
8. “Ambient Temperature baseline vs. OE tuned” – Ambient Temperature.
9. “Relative humidity baseline vs. OE tuned” – Relative Humidity

To give the PC tune the best possible chance to make power, a cool down time of 20 minutes was taken to see if numbers improved (check corresponding times on pictured runs). I/Alex are not like Powerchip, taking the least performing baseline run then comparing to the best tuned run. I hope that the attached dynos and the details are transparent. A variance of less than 1 degree in temperature is nothing I would expect to gain power from. In actual fact the environment was in PC’s favor each time. As Powerchip, staff and management, have never owned or plan to own a dyno, I find it hard for them to comment on the equipment used they know little about. Perhaps readers/”experts” can find something to nitpick over in these graphs?
I believe if you don’t know what you are doing or saying, don’t pick a fight with someone who will disprove you. I have many other failed PC dynos to post for those interested (other companies also). (Mike Benvo, mike@powerchip) came in today wanting to “fudge” numbers on our dyno to prove his agenda. I will clearly state: “We use and rely on the Dyno Dynamics weather station to control environment, which cannot be tampered with.” Benvo, turned off the weather station to perform manipulations to environment conditions, which causes an immediate on screen warning to notify of this happening. (Mike taking orders over the phone of what to do). Not the way to do things in business. Graphs posted give the details of what Benvo was told to look for.
We want real world conditions, or how do we know/prove our own products work? We will show as a courtesy to any and all customers wanting proof, the weather station is on, just to prove a point. We do what is right is the bottom line. We want our products to be the best no matter what or where the testing ground. Please test any and all our products independently just as others do.
I concentrate on tuning and product development, I have no time to gone on further.


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