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I just came back from Vegas on the 19th for my 21st and it was bad ass. Hit up Club XS, Get there at around 8ish cause you can wait in line for 3 hours. We got there at 10 and didnt get in untill 12:45, but the club is the shit. Try to get a table service cause it can get hella packed in there. The club leads out into a pool where you can sit and chill on the ledge but note that there are table service out there too so it too can get crowded. Dudes pay $50 while females pay $20 i think. Also hit up Minus 5 at either mandalay bay or monte carlo. $15 per person and it will be totally worth it, nothing like you ever experienced before. You also get a free shot, on the house at minus 5.

STAY @ the Aria, the best hotel on the strip, i didnt stay there this time cause i got a free room with the Four Seasons. Like others have said, their skysuites are bloody fantastic. Even if your not staying at the Aria, you need to hit up one of their resturuants called "Lemongrass" (High end Thai resturuant), after a crazy experience in the clubs, you'll need to chillax at a nice upscale resturuant and live the life of a celeb ahahah.
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