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Mike@Powerchip posted this in another thread. Seems like he's willing to drop the gloves and end all the bullshit by puting his money where his mouth is. Good for you Mike.

Originally Posted by Mike@Powerchip View Post
Dear M3post members:

Just wanted to touch base in this thread to inform the public of our position in this matter.

Powerchip does not believe that those dyno results are accurate by any means.

To prove that these results are most likely not realized gains, I have extended an offer to the OP which will give him the opportunity to have an independent shop verify those results at no cost to him.

This would entail dynoing the car with the software currently installed, and dynoing the car again with the Powerchip software that was previously installed.

We could involve Jeremy/OE Tuning if requested, and he can put the car back to stock so we never see his file. He obviously, already has our Powerchip file since that was his "base" for the tune presently installed in the vehicle.

Because we've heard of people playing with static correction values to produce paper gains, we feel it would be a positive contribution to the community for such gains to be verified. We caution taking dyno charts such as these at face value.

If in fact the OE tuning software makes 25Whp more than the Powerchip software, I am willing to extend a $690 refund to the OP. The dyno operation and lunch will be provided on the house.

A few days ago I sent the OP a message indicating our offer. He responded that he would be in touch and would contact OE tuning to see if they would like to be involved.

To date, I have not heard anything further. We are willing to put our time, resources, and money on the line to ensure that further misrepresentations and manipulations are not simply accepted at face value, without independent confirmation of results. This "game" of playing with dyno figures to show a significant competitive advantage that is simply not present, needs to end here.

We do not believe those results are accurate and it is very unlikely that the OP's car is making 25whp more than it did with our software. The OP has nothing to lose and everything to gain by acceptance of our offer. After the testing, the OP will know if his car really did gain what the dyno is indicating, and will receive the refund if in fact the dyno posted was accurate. The results will be posted on this thread.

In reponse to BT M3's post (#56), which indicates that akh23456 lost power with the powerchip tune versus a stock file, I'd like to inform you that the tune that lost power was created by Jeremy/OE himself. We fixed that file when this was brought to our attention, and to my recollection, the vehicle is now producing more power than in stock form (after Jeremy had already left Powerchip). Do you find it strange that the same tuner that LOST power over stock is now making 25WHP more than a Powerchip tune this time around?

I look forward to a non-confrontational approach in validating the OP's alleged gains.


PS: It should also be mentioned that most of the people who posted on this thread have vested interests in Gintani:
Sales@Alpine and RPM North and clearly trying to solicit customers as a result this unsubstantiated dyno comparison. M3Some works at Gintani and obviously has a vested interest. BT M3 has a vested interest, is a vendor, and his handle is "OE Tuning East" on ***********.com. Let's keep the bias out of this thread and focus on verification of these claims. Let's make sure that we all remain "Politically Correct."

Also: Why was no AFR graph posted? Anyone can make more power unsafely.
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