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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Unfortunately, as I said in the other thread, the only ones who are presenting an argument with supporting data are not the ones supporting or affiliated with OE. Anyone who seems to support or be affiliated with OE has just resorted to name calling or just being argumentative for the sake of arguing. There has not been one shred of technical data, other than the dyno charts in original post, provided by anyone speaking on behalf of or supporting OE. Not very convincing. If there is data to back up OE claims other than "the owner claims the car feels faster", why not present it. IMO, the PC side of the argument has been relatively civil and stuck to the technical data. The same cannot be said for the OE side.
Here is my supporting data.....
I was physically there the whole time when Jeremy was doing multiple runs on the dyno with my car.
The gains are clearly shown and are felt. We have even done comparison runs (real world testing) with other stock C63's and the gains or VERY significant. Dynos are just measurement tools imo, real world testing is were it counts the most, and OE tuning is truly on top if its game.
I wouldn't bash any other tuning if I didn't have evidence or heard something bad about them from person X.

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