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Originally Posted by KiokenM3 View Post
im just wondering how gintani could manipulate my dyno when i was there. alex was sitting in the driver seat and did run after run, jeremy was in the passenger seat tuning. neither of them left my car and never touching the dyno comp
Same with my car. I was there when Jeremy was dyno tuning my car. Never saw him "tweeking" the dyno to manipulate numbers.
What a load of BS.

Originally Posted by Mrbojangles View Post
People are so gullible these days.. They hear one thing from someone and TOTALLY throw it out of proportion..

Since when did OE Blow any MBZ vehicles???.. M33 it's CLEARLY obvious that you have some kind of hard on for OE/Gintani. If you hear one thing from someone, you AUTOMATICALLY believe its real.. or atleast preach that it is real just to bring them down..

As for the Dyno business, I wouldn't even want to say anything about it because I honestly don't know anything about dyno's and how they are supposed to run so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut on that one. If you do not know what you are talking about please don't talk at all. No one needs more BS then there already is.

Agreed 100%.
People talk alot of shit without having full knowledge or supporting data. Its also funny how fast "bad news" spreads around about a tuner.

This is why I asked M33 if he can provide me with some evidence on supposed "blown MB motors" that Jeremy allegedly tuned. The only way I will believe this if I see it in front of me. Other then that, Im calling bullshit.
I for one have never had one problem with the OE tune, been running it on my car for a year now and its running better then ever.