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Originally Posted by DublinM3 View Post
Why is it that Gintani customers always have to answer questions / allegations on the forums usually with dumb responses like this? Everyone is a hater because they bring actual data and proof to be discussed instead of going along with what they are told? It would be nice to hear from Gintani who im sure has seen this thread as to why the evidence provided appears to show that they clearly have been cheating to market their products and also slander other vendors in the process. Not to mention when Drew blew his motor Gintani never once posted about the situation or has yet to follow up and let people know what the status of his car is, again leaving their customer to face the public and answer all the questions. Im sorry but this is not how you run a business. If I was put in this situation with a company I gave my hard earned money to I would be having serious words with the owner.

Good luck to the OP on getting to the bottom of all of this and to any other customer who got one of these manipulated dyno charts.
Again the only evidence you have is a possible manipulated act like this is some new act by tuner companies...

Haha where have you been since "CAI" companies have been showing 10-30 hp gains....i didnt see you start a bullshit thread about how they where claiming crazy numbers...and we all friggin know that no cold air intake pulls in more than probably 5 HP...and that is if it doesnt actually loose you HP. Not only that most of the "Cold Air Intakes" are not even true "Cold Air Intakes"...where were you guys on this one.

I think it is ridiculous that you guys do not care at all to get strong evidence before you try to rip down a company. I find it hilarious that 99% of the owners of these kits are saying that it is great company and their work is very professional...and then all the guys without the kits are the ones coming in saying that it is crap.

If their tuning was such crap...dont you think there would be more people saying it is crap who are actually running their products in there car?

I barely know anything about either side of the arguement...but honestly you guys claiming shit against this company are doing a horrible job of providing any proof for your ridiculous allegations.