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Originally Posted by alpine335i View Post
This is "proof" coming from OETuning competitors. It's not like it's a 3rd party saying they are fabricating dyno charts. it's powerchip which obviously still holds a grudge against Jeremy, and Robert who bashes OETuning everywhere he goes. There is no 3rd party here. People say "oh wait for the gintani fan boys". Well who are you? Your the gintani haters. Your not neutral here either. No one with an oetune has ever complained about there tune not being what OE says it is. Can't say the same for powerchip.
I'm not taking either side as I would never tune my ECU on this car. I have no issue with Gintani. My only issue is every time a Gintani or OE thread comes up it's full of comments like below. In fact if I was Gintani I'd be a little annoyed at this behavior as it just casts them in a bad light, even if they did nothing wrong.

Here's from the fan boys:
Originally Posted by Talor View Post
what haters, just cause gintani's kits and OE tunes are murdering the competitions... gintani all the way, dirty business my ass