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I could be mistaken here...but the evidence you guys brought forth only possibly proves that they manipulated the dyno...all that means is that they claim they are putting out more HP than they really are..

I have yet to see any evidence that their actual product is bad. If their product was blowing up motors that would be a different issue. There is definitely a HP increase in there product that you can see in the various videos that have been posted.

So sure you have proof that they maybe they dont make that much HP, but I do not see how that is enough evidence to claim all the bullshit all of you are claiming...This is a forum and if you want to have a real discussion about things like this bring actual facts to the table....if you claim that many engines have been blown up by their tuning...dont just say the evidence to an article....or thread. Until then you are just full of shit in my opinion.

At least that is just looking at this from an outside perspective.