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Originally Posted by Htown09 View Post
You don't need any of that stuff. Only reason for HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is if you have low test.

Eat right foods (see this video, Jack L. is a legend if you don't know) Get 8 hours of sleep
Workout with weights and do cardio

All of these things will naturally boost T and no need to inject yourself with a needle!
Well actually no, there is a lot of other hormone related issues that might mean someone benefits from hormone supplementation, for example a low Thyroid condition. If your natural level of Thyroid drops below a certain threshold then your metabolism will begin to shut down. There's no way you can maintain an atheletic shape or exercise efficiently with some forms of Thyroid problems.

The hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis is the set of hormone interactions that is most often referenced.

With everything to do with hormones it is a complex situation and there are many and variable interactions.

As for the general thrust of the old bugger in the B&W video and your main assertions, I wholeheartedly agree. The best plan for people lucky enough to not have any hormone problems is to sleep right, rest right, exercise right and eat right.

As for your idea that eating certain types of food and exercise can boost natural free testosterone, I'd say you are right, but the amount you can alter your free testosterone is relatively small. The body has many feedback loops to ensure the hormone levels YOUR body wants are maintained. You'll never give your FTE level more than slight nudge.

A quick google on more info reveals this, do your own research if you want to know more:
The problem with most of those ideas is that they assume that if you can somehow affect the mechanisms inside your body that produce testosterone that they can increase production and thus increase the steady state level. That isn't correct.

Testosterone levels are regulated by a closed feedback loop. In men, the hypothalamus monitors testosterone levels. It produces a hormone called GnRH (Gonadotropin releasing hormone) which is sensed by the pituitary, which proportionally releases two hormones called FSH (Follicle stimulation hormone) and LH (Leutinizing hormone). In men, FSH is detected in the testes and causes production of sperm, while LH is also detected in the testes and causes production of testosterone. (In women, GnRH, FSH, and LH have an entirely different function and behave completely differently.)

There is a small amount of testosterone produced by the adrenal glands, but it's unimportant. Even if that amount could be increased, it wouldn't have any effect -- not just small effect, no effect.

That's because of the feedback loop. When, in the opinion of the hypothalamus, the level of testosterone is too high, it reduces the amount of GnRH it produces, which means the pituitary produces less LH, which means the testes produce less testosterone. So if the adrenal glands produce more, the testes produce less, and the total level remains the same.

That's why testosterone supplements don't do what most people think they would. Using a testosterone supplement at a rate of 50% of your natural level doesn't result in a 50% boost. It results in a 0% boost. That's because the hypothalamus cranks back on the GnRH so as to maintain the total at the level it needs to be. The only way testosterone supplements can increase the blood level is if they're used at levels greater than 100% of the blood level you want to increase. That means that the hypothalamus has cranked the natural production rate all the way down to zero.

That's also why losing one testicle doesn't affect your testosterone level if the remaining one is healthy. It doesn't produce as much testosterone as two would for a given level of LH, but the feedback loop compensates by increasing GnRH, and thus LH, so that the level remains where the hypothalamus thinks it should be.

Anything that causes a boost in testosterone level only works for a short time, until the feedback loop detects it and compensates. That's a period of an hour or two, maybe less.

As for increasing your testosterone levels, I have done this successfully and without a syringe. There are many ways to get exogenous TTT: creams, troches, capsules .. as well as injection.

The topic of exogenous testosterone is a whole other topic, feel free to ask if you have any specific questions.
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