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I was discussing this at a cool newage-gastropub tapas place in Barcelona called Tickets wknd before last with some coworkers/clients (almost friends haha) who were from Europe and various Asian places. They always rip on US citizens with the passport %. But, I ask them, "Can you drive 3000mi in one direction and still be in your country?" Can you open carry your favorite hi-cap handgun while you're doing most of it? (except the driving part, if you don't have an unconstitutional piece of paper)

Then the German dude starts talking about driving. Then me and the UK guys start talking about bombers (Japanese guy knows better to speak up). Then it's the culture stuff and the Asian guys are like, "You know the center of civilization is shifting back to its roots." Typical, "Yeah, well 3000yrs ago we were awesome..." argument.

Then, I remind them WHO'S GOT THE BOMBS. haha As we drink more, the night usually always ends up with me and the Brits bashing on everyone else's homeland.... Hmmm, sounds familiar.

We really do have a blast. I'm younger, you guys can tell. Most of them are too. A few are approaching 40, but we're all old school partiers. I rafted on some rivers in India with these guys. They're for real.

So, maybe some of us born and bred, whiskey drinking, farm-growing-up, firearm-carrying, regular old white, black, yellow, purple Americans (yeah, we own both continents - "US citizens" is too polite... lol) do get around this tiny rock called Earth and have seen much more of the world than most.

Oh yeah... I have two passports. The Arabs don't like the Israeli stamps and obviously you're getting the special treatment at Ben Hurion airport when you've got Turkish, Syrian and Egyptian visa stamps. It's just easier to have a regualar 10yr passport and an extra 2yr one. Especially if you're sending it out for visas for countries that require you to mail it for a stamp/sticker.

I have never been to Antarctica nor Australia (going in a few months to visit Hawker-DeHavilland (now Boeing)). Kinda pissed that there's not much aerospace business in Antarctica. Otherwise... I won't have to pay outa pocket to have planted my flag on all 7.

We gotta get over those stereotypes. A lot of us in younger generations are doing our part to interact with (conquer) the world. Manifest Destiny, anyone? safe travels...

Love being able to interact with and explore the planet; however, I know where the best goddamn place on Earth is - regardless of how many people there by % have passports.