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Its All About The Offset
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Originally Posted by 2005STi View Post
Some words of advice to you arrogant, uniformed, self-absorbed BMW owners who think you know a thing or two about your cars but really just bullshit through life:

1. If you look at any other forum's "aggressive fitment thread" you will see something gravely different than what's in here.


1. If you're not on coilovers - you're not aggressive.

2. If you fenders are not at least rolled - you're not aggressive

3. If you have wheel gap- you're not aggressive

4. If you do not have wheel gap as a result of your meaty ass tire - you have meaty tires; you're not aggressive.

5. If you're above the minimum tire size requirement for your given wheel size - you're not aggressive. This is preventing you from being aggressive.

6. If your offset is not at least 10mm lower than your stock wheels - you're not aggressive.

With all of this said, all of you have very nice wheels. So all this is is a wheel thread. So most of you need to try again. Learn a few lessons from Pre- E46s

- An STi that dynos more torque on a stock turbo than any of you will N/A
Dude ... I come from Japanese car tuning (350z, IS300 turbo, 450whp Evo IX, ect).... unlike the honda crowd or even now some STI and Evo owners most BMW owners want comfort with their fitment, as a result they have FLUSH fitment ... all the cars I posted on here are very aggressive by BMW standards ... no one here is looking for huge poke and tires that are as stretched as your butt hurt ass is. If thats what your after go check the VIP forums or VWVortex or Stanceworks.

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