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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
No, nothing like that. We both work and have similar goals, so finances have not been an issue for us...well that isn't exactly true, she reduced her hours which was a bit frustrating for me, but if I am honest we both benefit from it and so does our little girl.

My biggest adjustments are just the lack of time to do fun stuff, and the sexual frustration (frequency is reduced dramatically). We used to go wakeboarding, snowboarding, scuba diving, or even just having a bottle of wine in the hot tub. I used to go to the gym, mountain bike, and ride my road bike, take the Porsche to a track day. The recent weather is not helping either, and the first 6 months with a new member of the family are the hardest.

Anyone can fake interest is something for a while, and anyone can grow out of anything. I, for example am no longer interested in dirt camping I did it for a long time and Iím done, I would do an overnight once every two years or something, but not frequently anymore.

The best advice I think I can give is to find someone who is nice. Pay attention to how she deals with a server at a restaurant who screwed up, or a dry cleaner who was late or lost something. Basically how does she treat people when society says that she is allowed to be a bitch, if she is nice or at least decent to those people she will be nice to you when you want those HREs.

This is a good point. I catch your drift. I appreciate your advice and probably won't consider marriage until my early 30's.